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Draco x reader – normal school life.

I watch (name) closely from the other side of the clock tower, she stands there looking out at the view gently playing with her golden necklace. Holding onto the snake shaped diamond that hangs from it. I got it for her last year right before everything went to hell, the diamond is the (colour) her favourite, I also put a protecting charm onto it, not that I told her this… I knew that I would have to leave her soon, so I wanted to make sure she was safe…

Of course, it was hard to even get her to even except it, saying it was far too expensive, through she was overjoyed. I had go to the trouble of getting it for her, she would feel bad taking it. But It didn’t take me long to win her over, has I insisted it would hurt more if she didn’t wear it, after all I didn’t buy it because I cared for how much it cost or what it was worth. I just thought it was beautiful and would look even more beautiful on her…

Has I watch has she standing in the dim sunlight, the sun sets in the far distance, the light brining out her beauty even more. She stands there thinking over what I had told her, the reason I have been keeping my distance from her.
Is because I didn’t want her to get hurt. Having the dark lord so closely in involved with my family, I couldn’t risk her safety by socialising with her. If it had been found out, that I was friends with a muggle born…she would have been killed and my family branded has traitors and killed to.

Has much has it hurt to me to leave her there was too much to lose…and I couldn’t put my family in that kind of danger…or put her into it. I had to keep her safe! She seemed to understand this and said that she could forgive me for it…put she doesn’t understand why I have been avoiding her snice we came back to Hogwarts…

Well the truth is I didn’t want people to start hating her because she was hanging around a death eater…one that was hugged by that man…himself. Of course, my house hasn’t turned against me thinking that I was doing it out of loyalty for the dark loud, those idiots not realising it was purely out of fear for myself and my family…I chose my family, at the end of the day! We may not be prefect but I love them…  

But the rests of the school aren’t so understanding…I just didn’t want her to be put under more stress and pain. And having her class mates turn against her, because of me…well it isn’t something I want! This past year has been extremely hard for her…I heard that her family had been killed by death eaters for being muggles. And I wanted nothing more than to be by her side when this happened but I couldn’t… and the only people she had was her house mates to fall back onto.  

Even still now, she is still hurting over the loss of her family, but her house mates are still supporting, helping and caring for her. So, I can’t be the one responsible for her losing that support…So I stayed away through, I know this hurt her more…it also hurt me. She turns to me and I can see in her eyes she is still debating on whether to believe my last excuses for hurting her.  She opens her mouth about to speak but something changes in her expression and she stops herself, turning back to look out the clock tower again. and for another moment I wait for her to speak. When she does finally does this time,

she doesn’t face me…

“Draco, I have always been by your side…even when you were in the wrong.” She whispers quietly, I can see the flash of hurt still brightly shinning in her eyes. “I even let go my hatred for the way you treat muggle born witches and wizards…for the way you would treated me in front of other people because you were scared people would think we were friends…” What she says hurts me immensely making me think back on the things, I would call her around my friends because I was so scared of what they would think if they knew I was friends with a muggle born witch.

Not realising back then how much this most of be hurting (name) the fact I was so shamed to be friends with her, most of really hurt her…and still after the way I treated her she was still kind enough to look past it. I feel a heaviness in my heart and I look to the floor not wanting to meet her eyes, if she looks my way…

“I know…” I mumble not having the courage, to even look up at her has I, speak to the floor. “I’m sorry about that to, I shouldn’t have treated you that way…shouldn’t have hurt you like that.” I keep my voice at a mumble still looking to the floor.
“No…you shouldn’t have!” she whispers but the sound of pain in her voice cuts through me like knifes. “And I shouldn’t have let you treat me like that…for three years.” Again, the tension in her voice makes me stiffen uncomfortably … I have never see (name) like this. She would usually just let whatever stupid thing I did go.

But now I can see the three years we have been friends and me, hurting her in different ways, has just been building up her pain and stress towards me …and now the last year of Hogwarts, when I left must of be breaking point for her.

She isn’t going to forgive me this time…

I feel my heart hurt ache, with the feeling that I am about to, lose something every important, to me…something I need in my life. Why I have been too arrogant and stubborn to realise this until it was too late to fix the damaged, I had done!

“I can’t let you, hurt me anymore, Draco…” I look up to her at the sound of my name she looks back at me with a small sad smile and tears in her eyes. “Do you know why…I let you get away with hurting me so much…Draco?” she asks and I shiver at the way she says my name. it doesn’t have its usual warmth behind it anymore…now it sounds cold and dead. I shake my head, not knowing how to respond any other way. She stills smiles has if she was expecting this answer from me, slowly she walks over to me, making my eyes wide and straighten up for her.

She stops dead in front of me gripping my shoulders with her hands and lifting herself up to her tip toes so we were head to head and gently whispered my ear “because, I loved you…”  I froze instantly, my heart however does not, now it was pounding fast in my chest. I don’t know what to do or what to think… She loved me?

(name) now looking at me with another sad smile and dimly lit eyes. “But Draco… the heart can only take some much…till it breaks.” Her voice catching in her throat with so much pain and hurt, it’s like someone has tipped a cold icy bucket of water of me, my whole body goes cold and my heart stops pounding…slowly down to the point it hurts.  
Breaks? ….  
Did I break her heart?  Did I really hurt her that much?

She looks at me again with empty eyes. Tears slowly running down her cheeks. “Sorry Draco, but this is it for us! No more chances…” and with that she kisses me on the cheek “bye Draco, I will always miss you.” But has she turns to leave, slowly walking back down the stairs of the clock tower. I just stand there feeling something in my chest ache and slowly being to break!
No don’t leave,

I try to shout but nothing comes out of my mouth. My voice stuck in my throat. I want to run after her but my feet won’t more. My body shaking with a feeling I don’t understand…what is this? I grip at my chest, feeling my heart it’s still beating…but it hurts! I don’t want this…I don’t want to lose her! I have to make this right! I have to keep her by my side. I need her more then I thought and I can’t bear this pain of losing her… I have to move!

And with that I ran down the stairs after (name), catching her at the bottom of the stairs, pulling her into a tight hug from behind before she could protest. “Draco…” she mumbled quietly pulling at my arms wrapping around her shoulders to let her go.  But I won’t let go just hold her more tightly to me burying my head into the side of her neck.

“I’m sorry” whispering

“Draco” husky breath

“I know...I have been a huge jerk! I know I hurt you…”

“Draco…. stop” quite sobbing

“I don’t want to lose you…(name)” arms tightly, whispering and a gently kiss to the cheek.

“don’t…” more sobbing, with lightly pulling at tightly wrapped arms.

“please…I love you” a gently plea, words whispered so lightly with another gently kiss.

A moment of silence with only little whimpers and sobs to be heard…

“Give me one more chance…(name),” another desperate plea…
And finally, …

“okay Draco…one more chance” a gently hitch-gasp, has warm soft lips meet.
Here is the last part to Draco x reader just something small i did out of boredom. might do more depending on if people want more. so just comment down what you throught of this little 2 parter. And if you would like me to write more fanfic for the harry potter world.
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