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Draco x reader – normal school life.
It’s been a year snice the war at Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry and Harrys class mates had finally returned to finish and redo their finally school year. It’s been 4 months’, snice everyone returned and even now with two of their beloved head masters passing away.  Things are starting to feel like home again, the students now feeling like they can finish their normal school life’s before moving on into the big wide world outside of school without the fear of the dark lord around anymore.    
To everyone surprise Draco Malfoy, returned to Hogwarts, though he was not the same cheeky, sly and arrogant spoilt boy he once was. Now he is more quiet, keeping himself from others has much has possible…feeling guilty on the part he played in the war.
He even distance himself from (name) a close friend of his, not that anyone would know this. She is a Gryffindor student and a mud-blood, meaning she had muggle parents, which Draco, family extremely looks down upon.  
So, they kept their friendship a secret for three years. Or they thought, a lot of people realised they were friends, catching Draco and (name) sneaking out their dormitories after curfew to meet up with each other…sneaking around the school together hand in hand just talking and making each other laugh.
The first person to find out about their friendship was Hermione, she was in the library late one night. When she happened to find, them sitting in the great hall together with a small candle has their light. sitting at the very end of the room, so she couldn’t hear what they were saying. But it surprised her immensely, by the way Draco was treating (name) putting his hand on top of hers, wrapping his arms around her shoulders…even playing with her hair!
This was not the Draco, Hermione knew and hated…for being a horrible piece of work to her, calling her mud-blood every chance he got! And now here he was sitting with (name) who was also in his eyes a mud-blood treating her has if…she was someone he actually cared for.
Lucky for her Draco, and (name), didn’t catch her spying on the two, and of course she told Ron and Harry soon has she could. But the three decided to keep this to them self’s. Actually, happy that Draco, had made friends with a student from Gryffindor and someone who was a muggle born witch.
Over the year’s people from both Draco and (name) houses found out about them but like Hermione, Ron and Harry kept it to them self’s, purely for the fact they were scared of what Draco would do to them if they started spreading rumours about the two of them.
So, when Draco came back to school and stop speaking to (name) everyone one could see how hurt she…(name) was the only one who worried about him after, he went missing after the death of Dumbledore. So, the fact he wouldn’t even look at her now, really hurt.
This went on till Halloween, Draco suddenly had a change of heart when a Gryffindor boy flirting with (name) making her smile and laugh, the rest of the slytherin students on his table watch has he glared at this boy and (name) his rage slowly building up, then snapping at breaking point when the boy kissed (name) on the cheek, making her blush uncontrollably.
Draco, In front of every student in the school in the great hall, got up from the slytherin table without a word, storming over to (name) and this boy the other students feeling sorry for this boy and (name), has they had no idea of what was coming towards them in full rage!
At this point…
When (name) finally notices Draco, it was far too late…
Without hesitation Draco slammed this poor boys head into his plate of food. “Draco!” (name) utterly shock. But before she can process what had just happened or apologies. Draco was already dragging her out the great hall, by her arm.
Everything remains silent for a short period of time. Before harry started to burst out laughing “looks like that good boy act, didn’t last long, did it?” He yells out causing everybody and even the teachers to start to laughing. Everyone except the poor confused boy wiping food off his face. Was happy to see that the real Draco Malfoy, finally come back to Hogwarts.

Has I storm down the hallway dragging (name) along with me by her arm, I have no Idea what came over me, just that guy, touching her! Made me so fucking angry! Even thinking on it now I feel myself tensing up with rage! All I could think was get your hands off her! Don’t touch her!
Don't kissed her!

she was blushing has red has a tomato! Does she like him? Are they dating? I didn’t hear anything about this…then again, I have been avoiding her for over a year now…. Is she seeing another guy? That thought makes my heart, sink into my chest…but why? She just a friend. I shouldn’t be getting so work up about this. “Draco!” I am brought out of thoughts by (name) shouting my name pulling her arm from me.
I turn around to her still angry, and with the look on her face, apparently, so is she. “what the hell, do you think, you’re playing at!” she shouts furious at me. I my face burns up slightly from embarrassment. But I’m not going to let it show. “what am I playing at! What the hell, was you playing at with Mr couldn’t keep his hand to himself!” I hiss back, without thinking, quickly regretting it.
(Name) looks at me confused for a moment before then blushing madly again. “why the hell, do you even care? You haven’t spoken to me in over a year! it’s not like we were even dating!”  she snaps angry, but can I hear the hurt in her voice, seeing it build up in her eyes.
“I don’t care!” I hiss back, without thinking again, regretting so much after, small tears start to build in her eyes. “I hate you!” she hisses, tears rolling from her eyes onto her cheeks. “I hate you! I hate you!” she repeats, smacking and shoving, me away from her.
“we were friends for three years…YOU GIT! …you just got up, and left without word! Leaving me to worry and stress over you, finally showing up after all this time! But instead you avoid and ignore me!  Now I’m finally moving on, and you say you don’t care!” she screams pushing me into a wall…from someone so small she has strength to her.
“screw you! Draco, I am so done, with your bullshit!” she tries to sound angry, still but it comes out in a whimper, has more and more tears start to fall. And she completely breaks down crying into her hands…I feel like a totally jerk! I didn’t mean to make her cry like this…. I never wanted to hurt her! This the last thing, I wanted….
I go to pull her into my arms, but she fights me pushing and shoving away has I pull her into my chest “no…no! let go, Draco!” she tries to yell at me but it comes out in a weak cry. pulling her in, I embrace tightly against me.
She just stands crying into my chest, gripping at my cloths. “I’m sorry” I whisper gently in her ear, nuzzling her neck “so sorry…” I whisper again feeling her flinch at my touch, her body trembling against mine. “no…don’t.” She whimpers back, pushing against me has I run a hand through her hair…I didn’t realise how much I missed touching her.  
Running my hand down her back and pulling her closer so there is no space left between us now, I inhale deeply…did she always smell this good? She shivers against me again; has I nuzzle her neck …it shouldn’t feel so good…the way her body reacts to my touch…shouldn’t make me feel so good…but god! It really does…  
I feel kinder bad…I shouldn’t be enjoying this…but it’s been so long snice I have touch her I can’t help it. Feeling my grip tighten, pushing her head against my chest, gently kiss the top of her head…I need to stop this is enough.
But… I don’t want to!
Draco?” (name) whispers, my eyes meeting that gorgeous face looking up at mine, with those beautiful eyes staring up at me. Small tears still rolling down her cheeks. She bites down on her bottom lip has she becomes more nervous, realising how close are faces are, only inches’ part, her cheeks light up in a light pink.  
My eyes focus on her lips…doesn’t she know how sexy that is? … leaning in putting my forehead against hers. “Draco?” she barely whispers again gripping me tighter shivering against me again…so cute, how nervous she has gotten all of a sudden.    
I can’t help my chuckle added with my smirk, making her blush even more, closing her eyes tightly shut now. Not caring anymore or thinking on what I’m doing…I give in and has my lips touch hers, I hear a load noise coming from down the hallway. Looking up to see all the students rushing out the great hall…
dame it!
Dinner is over. We’re going to have to move now or have a load of noisy people stopping to ask what’s going on. (name) also see the students coming and goes to pull away. But I tighten my grip she looks up at me again and I rub her tears away with my thumb.  “Draco, I have class now…” she mumbles lightly pulling away again. but I have no intentions of letting her go.
“skip it…come to the clock tower with me?” I ask but it sounds more like a plea, lightly pulling her to follow me. She looks me in the eyes unsure, of what to do. I smile at her “come on…we can talk?” I plea again with her and this seems to change her mind has she slowly smiles back “Okay…”
Been a while snice I uplaoded anything so a little two part story for now. And for other who follow my other stoires i will be still doing then just a little busy with work and college so please by patient with me.

part 2:
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nibbles7192 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gaah, I absolutely loved this! Please reply to my comment with the link to the next chapter when you get around to finishing it. 💚💚
shadaze-love-xx Featured By Owner Edited Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist
thank you i'm so glad you like it :D and i hope you like the ending part here is the
Soul1991 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016
shadaze-love-xx Featured By Owner Edited Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist
im glad you like it here is the second part if you would like to read the ending
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